Youngstown Steel Heritage

At one time, a motorist driving through the Mahoning Valley was soon aware that this was no normal city.  The valley was alive with sights and sounds. Steam whistles sounding, the unmistakable rumble of overhead cranes, the clanging of pipes and the occasional siren all announced that here, movement was constant.  Smokestacks reached into the clouds, stretching upwards from miles long complexes of buildings and structures.  At night the sky was aglow with lights, not from the heavens but from flaming openings in the dark buildings which lie along both sides of the Mahoning River.  Everywhere the valley spoke of the productive activities of humans on a grand scale.


Today, the sounds have gone; the flames are mostly extinguished.  The vast mill buildings are all but completely removed from our landscape, but the legacy of steel lingers and manufacturing of a different sort remains a driving force in our economy. It is that legacy of steel that Youngstown Steel Heritage was created to preserve and celebrate.


Welcome to the online home of Youngstown Steel Heritage, a website which will grow into a leading source of information and history about the industrial development of the Mahoning Valley.